Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Coffee Bean Cure for the Common Cold

Although there is no known cure for the common cold, here at Coffee Bean , we like to think we hold a secret remedy.

Baristas have long been distributing this special concoction to anyone feeling under the weather.

Feeling a little sick? Already sick? This triple threat combo called the Medicine Ball will kick your sickness out the door!

The Medicine Ball is an infusion of three of our most powerful anti-oxidant rich, herbal and green teas; Moroccan Mint, Lemon Chamomile and Ginseng Peppermint.

You can google catechin polyphenals and epogallocatchin gallete for youself, but basically the Medicine Ball combines all of the good stuff your body needs to fight infection and protect your immune system.

Now what you see above is part of what we like to call, the "Power Process." While you're waiting for your hot Medicine Ball tea to cool, grab a bottle of Naked o-j, an all natural pure juice beverage packed with vitamin C and five oranges. Chug this down along with a few extra vitamin C supplements.

Your tea should be nice and steeped, so take out the tea bag, and continue to let cool. The third step in the Power Process is to gargle. Gargle water is simply warm water and salt, not too salty, but just enough to cleanse the mucus in your throat. Yep, that's what's going on in there! Gargle it out!

Now you've done quite a lot of work, so sit back with a fuzzy blanket, put on a good movie and sip your Medicine Ball. Recovery in progress! Repeat the Power Process every day until you're back to %100. Drink a lot of fluids and get as much rest as possible.

That's how we get our baristas back in top shape, so we know it can work for you too! Get well soon! :)

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pandacakes_lv said...

I love love love this "cure"! when i was so sick that i didn't even have a voice during midterms the fantastic people at The Coffee Bean UNLV campus recommended this tea to me along with some honey and lemon in it. It was delicious and felt great on my throat. I ordered it every day for a week along with the orange juice and I really believe it helped. it is my go to cold remedy now.